An effective & unique outdoor advertising opportunity for Christchurch and Canterbury, allowing you to advertise on busy roads and intersections with fence advertising billboards, wraps and banners

Outdoor Advertising

Affordable, High Impact & Free Design

Fahey FenceAD has been providing outdoor advertising on its fencing in Canterbury for over 15 years.  Many of our temporary fencing sites are located on busy roads and intersections making it a natural choice to use these sites as a platform to promote your business.

Taking one of the temporary fencing sites and giving you the opportunity to have the whole site to promote your business in large bold format. You have full and exclusive access to the whole site and value for money. This offers an affordable way of getting in front of large numbers of local people without the hefty price tag.

From as little as $1.00 per day | High Profile, Low Cost | Coverage all over Christchurch | You choose where you advertise | Exposure to 1000’s of people per day.

Banner Advertising

We have space available on our fences right across Christchurch. Some of which is available on main and arterial roads.

This is a super cost-effective way to get your brand in front of thousands of potential customers on a daily basis.

Large Format Advertising

Make it louder and splash your brand across full height scrim attached to select fences of ours on main roads.

This option has high-impact and can be very effective roadside advertising for an affordable price.

Trailer Billboards

With one of our trailer billboards, you can place your billboard on a site most likely to connect with the audience you are after.

A mobile billboard allows flexibility in how you use it. We have multiple locations including high-traffic areas to choose from or you can place on your own property should it be suitable.


Choose your type

We have 3 types of outdoor fence advertising, ranging in size and style to suit your budget and requirements.


Create Your Message

Either provide us with artwork or we can design your banner, fence wrap or billboard skin for you.


Pick One of Over 30 Sites

Choose from a list of high profile building sites for you to choose to advertise on


Get it up on The Fence

We install the advertising for you and your campaign begins!

FREE Fence Hire

If you have a high profile building site we may be able to supply your temporary fencing free of charge or at a highly discounted rate, we will manage the site fortnightly and ensure it is kept neat and tidy so both you the customer and our advertisers are happy.

Free temporary fencing is determined by the following conditions:

  • The site must be on a busy road or street
  • Up to 50mtrs of fence with advertising on will be free, with the remaining amount portioned at a reduced rate.
  • We allow the builder to erect their sign on the fence, but all other site signage is managed by Fahey FenceAD

    ** Please note - A charge will apply for the delivery, installation and pick up of of the fences !!