Barb Extension

These devices are used on the Interlocking 2.2 x 1.8 panels and are a barbed wire security solution to stop people climbing the panels and gaining access to the site. The three strands of high tensile barb wire will sit atop the interlocking panel making it a total height of 2.5mtrs and giving you extra peace of mind.  These are retrospectively fitted to the interlocking panel at the time of install or at a latter date if required.

Specifications / Features

  •  Strands of Barbed Wire
  • Locked to the panel using a locking ring
  • Ultra high security
  • Galvinised
  • Once installed stops panels being opened up
Barb Extension


No holes or bent equipment or your money back.

After each job the fences come back to the yard for a thorough inspection and quarantine. Any fences that are damaged or unsightly are taken aside and repaired.