Crowd Barriers

Low Construction Barrier - Orange Vertical Bar

Orange Vertical Bar Compliant Panel

Straight of the factory line our UK supplier has designed a unique panel for our market, it is compliant with NZTA roadside use but at the same time is lightweight, easy to transport and has multiple uses.

Can be used on the road as part of authorised traffic management, for shallow trenching, between vehicles and the general public or to protect workers and equipment on site.  

Suited for situations where the demarcation is required on construction sites to create safe working zones around site sheds or heavy equipment, you can even use them to keep your dog locked up at home.

These panels can be connected with a male and female lug, the feet are attached but easily removed upon request.

Specifications / Features

  • NZTA Approved
  • 2.3mtr W x 1.1mtr H
  • Comes with foot but foot can be removed.
  • High Visibility Orange
  • Can connect together
  • Vertical Bars at 80mm Centres
  • 10kgs per panel
  • Low ground clearance


  • Construction
  • Civil Works
  • Edge Protection
  • Dog Runs