Printed Fence Wrap

A full range of printed scrim & Fencewrap available

Great way to promote your brand,  business or event with effective marketing on temporary fencing and scaffolding.   Full colour printed shadecloth ensures the site is unique, tidy and safety compliant.

This product is available in 3 different grades and can be added to our fence system or scaffold offering dust suppression and privacy.   Best used with a bracing system to avoid blow overs and ensure the fence is compliant and safe. We will install the cloth on the fencing for you too.

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Specifications / Features

  • 3 types of product Shadecloth / Banner Mesh / Mesh Fabric
  • 50mtr long rolls
  • Banner mesh and Mesh Fabric can be cut to specific lengths.


  • Branding  / Marketing / Advertising
  • Dust Suppression
  • Privacy
  • Improve Site look
  • Windbreak