Security Fencing

Roundtop Security Fence - Welded Mesh

Welded Mesh 3.45 x 2.00

Fahey is the sole importer of this strong but light welded mesh fence panelling to the New Zealand market, Measuring 3.45mtr W x 2.00mtr H  this panel is uniquely lightweight yet strong enough to secure any site.  Its 50mm welded mesh and lightweight steel make it easy to manoeuvre, it also has an anticlimb system on the top bar and that along with its 2.00 meter height makes it hard to scale.  The panels unique 3.45 width makes covering more ground in less time a breeze.

Our current stock of this is all under 3 years old and can be used with multiple systems to brace, cover, secure and swing.

The 3.45 x 2.00 Roundtop Security Fence also has its own set of Rubber feet stands to make it more stable. And can be used with various accessories like the Gripper Clip, Anti Lift Bracket, Crank Brace, Straight Brace and the Reflective Strip


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