Rubber Foot

To be used with 3.45 x 2.00 Roundtop

This rubber foot is used with the Roundtop 3.45 x 2.00, great in situations where more stability is required; weighing in at 20kg makes them perfect for those windy areas or long straight lines.  The fence can sit at 3 different points on the foot giving options if space is tight or if tripping hazard is of concern.

The optional yellow tip is a great safety feature; when the general public is walking or driving past the panel they can see the yellow tip foot which delineates the fence and makes them aware of the foot.  Used as part of the zero trip bracing system as additional weight.

Specifications / Features

  • 770mm L x 200 W
  • Thermo-Plastic Rubber Foot
  • Used with Roundtop 3.45 x 2.00
  • Gives more stability
  • 20kg
  • Three different positions
  • Hi-Visibility tips (subject to availability)
  • Used as a weight for bracing