Zero Trip Base

Bracing which is unique to the Roundtop 3.45 x 2.00 panel; a great solution to adding weight to the back of a fenceline, it is used with a cranked brace and 4 rubber feet which combined gives you 80kg of weight per panel if needed although one every 3 panels is adequate bracing in most situations.

Not only is it a weight solution but also used in areas where there can be no tripping hazard, as the panel sits on the front the rubber feet counter weight at the rear giving you a totally zero trip safety solution.  These bases can also be pinned with a 400mm peg giving extra stability.

Specifications / Features

  • 750mm L x 220mm W
  • Galvinised
  • Teeth on bottom for antislip
  • space for upto 4 Rubber feet
  • Lightweight
Zero Trip Base
Zero Trip BaseZero Trip Base


No holes or bent equipment or your money back.

After each job the fences come back to the yard for a thorough inspection and quarantine. Any fences that are damaged or unsightly are taken aside and repaired.