Zero Trip Base

Bracing system for use with Roundtop 3.45 x 2.00

Bracing which is unique to the Roundtop 3.45 x 2.00 panel; a great solution to adding weight to the back of a fenceline, It is used with a cranked brace and 4 rubber feet which combined gives you 80kg of weight per panel if needed although one in every 3 panels is adequate bracing in most situations.

Not only is it a weight solution but also used in areas where there can be no tripping hazard, as the panel sits on the front the rubber feet counterweight at the rear giving you a totally zero trip safety solution.  These bases can also be pinned with a 400mm peg giving extra stability.

Specifications / Features

  • 750mm L x 220mm W
  • Galvinised
  • Teeth on bottom for antislip
  • space for upto 4 Rubber feet
  • Lightweight
  • To be used with the Roundtop 3.45 x 2.00